A Glimpse of MEconnect

We bring the world's differences into a better harmony...

MEconnect FZCO is a united company that firmly believes in working for quality and customer satisfaction, propelling it among the ranks as the leading distributor in products of excellence for Telecom and IT Solutions. Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone and having its warehouses, MEconnect deals with customers and projects mainly located the Middle East, the Levant countries and Africa.  Being well-established and deeply involved with Hi-Tech and Communication equipment, MEconnect decided to provide to its clients an online based network, for their convenience and expediency.

MEconnect expects the website (www.MEconnect.net ) to be a reference for every client, providing them with all the necessary information and updates regarding our products and activities.

MEconnect currently promotes and holds products from Comtech EFData, a company that has always been the milestones in the VSAT technology and in bandwidth optimization. In the Middle East, MEconnect is also a proud business partner with International Data Casting, the leading company in the DVB-IP and broadcasting equipment, and the main distributor for TERRASAT COMMUNICATIONS, the high end BUC manufacturer.

Additionally, MEconnect acquired considerable expertise in the wireless applications by working alongside internationally renowned manufacturers. MEconnect provides various solutions in the wireless domain, distributing and cooperating with Bridgewave Communication, the world leader in the mm Wave products and EXALT Communication, the leading innovator in next generation wireless backhaul solutions. MEconnect recently expanded its activities in order to include more value added solutions such as PATAPSCO’s TDM over IP and BATS’s esteemed broadband tracking system, a unique technology that allows the tracking of a broadband connectivity (e.g. connecting moving ships and rigs in the Oil and gas industry or moving vehicles to their command center in the Military Applications).

Furthermore, MEconnect proposes solutions related to the enhancement of the IP Traffic for the 3G and the LTE operators by being the licensed distributors for the proper passive components from MICROLAB, with a minimum PIM effect, and for their relevant measuring equipment from Noisecom and Boonton Electronic.

MEconnect has always striven to provide products of quality and excellent after sale support to all its customers. With the help of MEconnect.net, clients from all over the world will stay connected, readily benefiting from the superior service and support of the devoted employees and personnel of MEconnect.