Receive 1:1 Redundant System

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Rx Redundancy System.jpg

Receive 1:1 Redundant System


The Receive 1:1 Redundancy System completes the full 1:1 protection configuration for Terrasat’s IBUC Intelligent Block Upconverter system.
A completely outdoor-mounted system, the RX 1:1 interface box is housed in a weatherproof enclosure mounted close to the LNB assembly to minimize cable lengths. The interface box provides LNB monitoring, waveguide switching and user interfaces.
Several operating parameters are monitored including 10MHz reference signal, LNB supply voltage, LNB current consumption, and input compos-ite power level. The user can set high and low threshold values for monitored parameters and alarms are configurable to enable selection of specific alarms and thresholds that will trigger a switchover.

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Monitoring and control is available using a convenient TCP/IP interface supported by embedded webpages. The TCP/IP interface enables users to monitor the system remotely from a PC and /or via a LAN. M&C is also available via RS232/485 and separate handheld terminal. Seven LED’s provide visual indication of status.

The RX 1:1 system is designed to receive DC power from the redundant power supplies used in Terrasat TX 1:1 systems. Options are available for direct AC or -48VDC input to the RX system.

Mounting the interface box is straightforward using the same universal mounting bracket as other Terrasat products. The LNB assembly can be either plate mounted or attached directly to the antenna feed assembly.

RX 1:1 System Features

•All components are designed for outdoor mounting in weather-proof enclosures.
•DC or AC power options
•Multiple choices for local and remote M&C including:
• RS232/485
• Hand Held Terminal
• Multi-function LED’s
•Several operating parameters are monitored including:
• LNB current
• Supply voltage
• 10MHz reference level
• Composite power level
•Alarm thresholds and switch-ing criteria are configurable for maximum flexibility.
•Embedded web pages pro-vide management for small networks using any web browser.
•Manual override switch is fitted for test and emergency manual operation.