IBUC 1:1 Protection System

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Tx Redundancy System.jpg

IBUC 1:1 Protection System


The IBUC redefines 1:1 protection switching. Instead of using a separate switching logic unit with its expense and complexity, Terrasat incorporates the switching logic and drivers into the IBUC itself.
Protected units monitor each other’s alarm condition and, through a simple
switching junction box, make the decision to switch. The IBUC 1:1 package includes a cloning feature to simplify 1:1 setup. Terrasat’s 1:1 solution is a
complete package with a dual-IBUC mounting bracket for convenient installation.

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A 1:1 junction box mounts on the 1:1 mounting plate. Practically a passive unit,
the junction box manages the functions of dividing the IF signal and routing signals through an Ethernet switch. It supports interface connectors and includes a bank of LEDs for visual indication of alarm conditions. The user interface is via web browser to embedded web pages, handheld terminal, RS232 or RS485.

A Receive 1:1 system is available with a separate outdoor RX interface box. The receive interface box performs all required functions for 1:1 operation of LNB’s. The RX 1:1 can receive DC power from the IBUC power supplies or it can be powered by direct AC input. No indoor controller is necessary. Monitoring and control is via TCP/IP port on the interface box. The interface box fits the Ter-rasat universal mounting bracket and the system comes with cables and waveguide switch.


•1:1 switching logic and drivers reside in the IBUCs - no external logic controller required.
•Supports IBUC’s with AC power input or separate DC power sup-plies.
•Web browser interface with em-bedded web pages for easy setup, monitor, and control.
•Auto-Cloning function means user sets up primary IBUC as desired and secondary unit clones its set-tings.
•LEDs provide quick visual indication of IBUC condition.
•Compact, integrated mounting package.
•Separate outdoor RX 1:1 system available in AC-powered version or operating with DC power from IBUC power supplies.
• FSK through TX IFL cable.
• TCP/IP with embedded web pages.
• SNMP agent
• RS485/232 serial port.
• Handheld Terminal.