M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator


M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator


The Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator is the new generation DVB compliant modulator specifically designed for broadcast direct-to-home, primary distribution to headends and contribution of television and radio content. This single Transport Stream modulator supports the updated DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X, next to the legacy DVB-S and DVB-DSNG standards, as well as Newtec S2 Extensions in order to achieve barrier-breaking efficiency. The M6100 can be used in conjunction with set-top boxes, professional IRDs or professional satellite demodulators such as the MDM6100.

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Delivering the Highest Uptime for Vital Links

Uptime and reliability are essential in the design of the modulator, which plays a vital role in the satellite network. Input source redundancy on ASI or on the GbE ports supporting any IP network configuration and the shortest redundancy switch-over times of modulators, operating both in 1+1 and N+1 topologies, are setting the standard in our industry.

Advanced capabilities are built in, such as an MPEG Transport Stream analyser, support of SMPTE 2022 FEC at the GbE inputs (for distributed IP headends), and native support of Carrier ID, according to the new DVB standard, as well as in the transport stream NIT Table.

Special care was taken to cope with jittery transport stream over IP inputs. Two input ASI ports can be used as redundant interfaces while the two output ASI ports provide monitoring. The presence of ECM/EMM messages, essential to paid services in DTH constellations can be monitored and triggers your management system in case of interruptions.

Get the Best Performance and Lower Your Costs

The broadcast satellite modulator performs among the best, offering unmatched bandwidth efficiency optimization options, thereby lowering overall Total Cost of Ownership. The fully automated operation of Newtec’s field-proven Equalink® 3 pre-distortion technology with its seamless calibration is now available for any satellite transmission application providing up to 10% bandwidth gains for single carrier per transponder constellations.

Clean Channel Technology®, in combination with DVB-S2X or Newtec S2 Extensions, improves satellite efficiency by up to 15%, thereby enabling much smaller carrier spacing.

Maximum symbol rates up to 72 Mbaud and modulations up to 256APSK (DVB-S2X standard) combined with VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation) allow for maximum throughput of up to six transport streams in large contribution links. The powerful MPE encapsulator gives access to dual stream communication where live video is combined with file transfer, a service channel or video streaming.

Key Features

  • Single Transport Stream modulator with optional MPE encapsulator

  • Baud rate range: 50 kbaud – 72 Mbaud

  • Data rates up to 216 Mbit/s

  • IF (70/140) and L-Band (950-2150) high power outputs

  • Optional integrated RF upconverter (Ku-band or C-band)

  • Highest system reliability and service uptime through robust design and industry-leading redundancy solutions