P561 Audio Encoder

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P561 Front.jpg
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P561 Audio Encoder


The P561 Audio Encoder features MPEG‐4 Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG‐4 AAC) and MPEG Layer II encoding capabilities. All of the common bit rates and sample rates are offered to enhance the IP delivery of audio.

The P561 is an audio encoder for up to eight stereo channels (encoder channels). The unit is built in a compact 19” 1 U housing. It is DSP‐hardware based and highly energy efficient (< 2W per stereo channel). The P561 is capable of transporting elementary streams over IP and DVB‐compliant MPEG‐2 transport stream outputted via IP or ASI. Several configurationsare available to adapt the audio input configuration to the networkrequirements in a flexible way.

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• Professional Audio Networks
• DVB PES Audio


• Dual ASI Output
• MPEG Transport Stream over IP outputs
• MPEG Layer II
• MPE Encapsulation
• AES/EBU digital inputs
• Analog audio inputs
• DVB compliant
• RDS ancillary data (DVB standard TR 101 154)
• 8 GPIO inputs
• Remote controllable over IP via SNMP