Net Manager

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Net Manager Front.jpg
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Net Manager


The Net Manager is a highly reliable GUI‐driven network management system designed to control DVB/IP satellite receivers using in‐band communications.

Service providers often have deployed an extensive network of satellite receivers and are then faced with the daunting task of having to upgrade and reconfigure receivers already deployed and operational in a network.  From satellite providers shuffling segment allocations that require new frequency assignment programming to network operators changing the carrier symbol rates to accommodate additional bandwidth, it is sometimes necessary to re‐program carrier parameters for each receiver. Net Manager helps operators address these challenges.

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• Minimize the cost of reconfiguring the network
• Change receiver configurations remotely over the satellite link
• Web‐based GUI
• .NET/WSDL API for remote control and integration
• SNMP Daemon for terrestrial network configuration
• Change RF parameters on the fly without shutting down the network
• Easy to use point and click GUI
• Individual or group addressability
• In band receiver upgrades