Vipersat Management System


Vipersat Management System


The Vipersat Management System builds on years of providing our customers with the most advanced automated bandwidth and capacity management system in the industry. VMS is a feature-rich, comprehensive, intuitive operator’s network configuration, management, and control tool. It is designed to enable network administrators and satellite service providers to easily configure networks and rapidly and effectively respond to network anomalies. More than a network monitor and control platform, VMS automates the carrier switching and spectrum management processes within the satellite network. These capabilities allow SCPC carriers to be switched automatically based on application, load, or schedule, providing on-demand services and unparalleled space segment savings.

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• Dynamic Single Channel per Carrier (dSCPC)
• Guaranteed bandwidth
• SatCom on-the-move
• Virtual Network Operator (VNO)
• ArrangeLink
• ViperGlobe
• Total system redundancy
• Multi-transponder operation
• Satellite cross strapping/banding support
• Active distribution lists
• On-demand meshing
• Advanced carrier resizing
• IP-based network control
• Antenna visibility mapping
• Point-to-point switching
• Over-the-air upgrades
• Dynamic Power Control (DPC)
• Multiple switching functions

Key Benefits

• Centralized satellite bandwidth management server
• Operates over multiple transponders and satellites
• True bandwidth-on-demand technology
• Automation of satellite ground terminal transmission plans
• Administratively-defined policies for transmission plan changes