Skywire MDX420


Skywire MDX420


The SkyWire MDX420 is the first TDMA broadband satellite system to eliminate the need for high stability references or an expensive central hub with complicated system software. With its revolutionary single hop bandwidth-on-demand capability, the SkyWire MDX420 minimizes system response time to changes in traffic flow. The small efficient burst sizes and ultra low overhead allow the SkyWire MDX420 to provide unprecedented bandwidth efficiency and increased network throughput.

Whether you need a TRUE full mesh, a hub and spoke, or a hybrid combination, the SkyWire MDX420 system provides the most cost-effective, easy to use, bandwidth efficient solution available today. And, the system is packaged in a single, secure, one rack unit box.

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• Most bandwidth-efficient TDMA solution available
• Connect remote sites in a TRUE full mesh, hub and spoke, or hybrid network configuration
• TDMA network throughput capability of over 86 Mbps and 168,000 pps
• Multiple Link / Multiple transponder operation
• Advanced Turbo Product Code FEC
• Dynamic bandwidth allocation with single hop bandwidth-on-demand functionality
• Programmable, multi-queued Quality of Service (QoS)
• Graphical user interface program for monitor and control