Memotec CX-U


Memotec CX-U


The CX-U offers Abis optimization with additional benefits of 2G/3G aggregation, DCME voice trunking optimization, TDM Pseudowire, all over IP, Frame Relay or MLPPP protocol support.
The CX-U products support digital fractional T1/E1, high-speed serial and Ethernet network interfaces with a choice of protocols (Frame Relay, IP/MLPPP) and multiple network backup options. Designed with the utmost reliability in mind, it can support an extended temperature range. Line bypass and optional 100 ms 1+1 hot standby redundancy without service interruption are also available for ultimate availability in challenging remote locations.

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The RAN Optimizer transparently connects between the BTS/BSC and the transmission network facility, reducing the amount of backhaul bandwidth required to support mobile services over constrained links, such as satellite.

RAN Optimizer Features:

• Transparent GSM FR, EFR, HR and AMR codec optimization
• Supports any data services (GPRS, EDGE, V.110 Fax/Modem)
• IDLE and silence suppression
• HDLC signaling frame extraction and forwarding
• EDGE traffic compression
• Signaling/voice/data traffic prioritization
• Transparent support of CDMA-IS95 traffic
• 3G and CDMA-1X traffic optimization (ATM IDLE cells removal, cell packing, ATM header and payload compression)
• ATM and TDM Pseudowire over IP
• SS7 traffic forwarding and optimization (Ater links)
• End-to-end Abis link continuity check
• Dynamic Abis map interface auto-configuration
• Traffic prioritization and 3 level QoS
• TRX channels usage real-time monitoring

RAN Optimizer Benefits:

• Reduced OPEX / minimal CAPEX
• Increases backhaul capacity
• Reduces transmission capacity requirement in proportion to the effective traffic usage
• Rapid ROI—often in only a few months
• Significant bandwidth savings
• GSM base station Abis/Ater traffic: Minimum 50% bandwidth savings
• Cell site aggregation with statistical multiplexing benefits
• Sustained service quality
• Preserves voice quality and service integrity
• Simple and reliable fail-safe operation
• Dependability
• 10+ years of successful customer deployments