E7-20 SCP 10GE Card


E7-20 SCP 10GE Card


The Calix E7-20 Switch Control Processor (SCP-10GE) is the core of the EXA Powered E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP). Each SCP-10GE provides 240Gbps of switching capacity – 10Gbps to each of the 20 line cards slots plus four 10GE network ports across the two SCP cards. The SCP provides all common control functions and management interfaces for the E7-20 as well as the centralized switching to all line card slots. Along with the E7 family of optical access line cards, the SCP-10GE enables service providers to deliver high capacity / high bandwidth differentiated services to residential and business subscribers.

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SWITCHING CAPACITY: The Calix E7-20 SCP provides 240Gbps of switching capacity, with 10Gbps of capacity to each line card slot in an equipment-protected configuration. When configured for maximum capacity, the E7-20 can enable a total of 20Gbps to each line card slot, 10Gbps from each of the two SCPs.

UPLINK EXPANSION: The E7-20 supports dual SCPs for redundancy and enables up to four 10GE uplinks across the two SCP cards. The system however supports the ability to easily expand the number of uplinks available with the use of additional uplink expansion cards.

LINE CARD SUPPORT: The E7-20 ESAP chassis and SCPs are designed to support a large variety of technologies and line card types. Supported E7-20 cards include the GPON-4x and GE-24x cards. E7 cards designed for both the E7-2 and E7-20 are physically interchangeable and will be enabled to operate in both chassis.

UPLINK PORTS: Each SCP-10GE has two 10GE port – an XFP port enabling distances up to 80km and an SFP+ port which brings cost effective short reach 10GE capability to service providers. In addition the SCP-10GE supports 4 SFP based 1GE ports. Each port supports a range of copper and fiber based SFP modules.

MANAGEMENT: The SCP-10GE enables management of the E7-20 via the Calix Management system (CMS). In addition SCP-10GE supports an embedded web GUI, Command Line Interface (CLI), and SNMPv2/v3 for flexible management options of a single system.

Each SCP-10GE includes a face plate RJ-45 port for local craft access to the system, in addition to the rear chassis connectors for out-of-band management access.

DEPLOYABLE STANDARDS: The SCP-10GE is the core of the EXA Powered E7-20 system and delivers all network connections to the system. The E7-20 utilizes the latest generation of deployable standards for aggregation, ring based transport and uplink applications. SCP-10GE network resiliency is provided by:

  • ITU G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS)
  • IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • IEEE 802.3ad/802.1AX Link Aggregation

INDUSTRY STANDARDS COMPLIANCE: The E7-20 meets all applicable industry compliance standards including NEBS Level 3, UL and FCC.