E7-20 GE24x Card


E7-20 GE24x Card


The Calix E7-2 GE-24 line card delivers high-density point-to-point Ethernet (Active Ethernet) services from the compact 1RU E7-2 platform. Paired with the line of Calix Active Ethernet ONTs, the GE-24 delivers dedicated high-speed services to residential and business subscribers. The GE-24 can also be used to aggregate Calix Ethernet Service Access Nodes, extending the breadth of applications served from a single E7-2 location. High-density central office deployments can leverage the E7-2’s modular chassis design to deliver 480 GE ports, all managed as a single logical network element.

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Point-to-Point Ethernet: Point-to-point Ethernet, or Active Ethernet (AE), is a complimentary network design to point-to-multipoint GPON access networks. With point-to-point Ethernet, network operators can provide individual subscribers with very high-bandwidth, dedicated symmetric services utilizing a fiber network that is flexible and simple to design.

The Calix E7-20 GE-24x card provides multiservice capability over IP/Ethernet-based networks. Each GE-24x card provides 24 GE ports and can be installed in the E7-20 chassis to provide service to 480 subscribers using a common redundant uplink. GE interfaces on the GE-24x card can also be used to provide point-to-point aggregation of Calix E3 or E5 Ethernet Service Access Nodes and other GE-capable network devices.

IP Services Delivery: In conjunction with the Calix family of Active Ethernet ONTs, the E7 GE-24x card delivers a full spectrum of access services over point-to-point Ethernet networks.

  • IPTV - broadcast and Video on Demand (VoD)
  • MEF compliant business services
  • High-Speed Internet (HSI) access
  • Voice - Native SIP/VoIP and TDM Gateway support
  • T1/E1 services

Double Density Optics Modules: Industry standard pluggable modules are used for all E7 service and network interfaces. The GE-24x supports CSFP (Compact SFP) modules, which are mechanically compatible with the industry-ubiquitous SFP module. Each CSFP module supports two independent bidirectional transceivers (1490nm Tx / 1310nm Rx), each capable of operating at a 1 Gbps bi-directional rate.

The E7 GE-24x card is compatible with CSFP Option 2 modules. Option 2 of the CSFP Multisource Agreement (MSA) was released in October 2009 and provides backward compatibility to the SFP MSA. As a result, the GE-24x can operate with single-port SFP modules in any of the 12 CSFP module sockets to reach more distant locations. High-density, dual-port CSFP modules have a maximum range of 20 km, while single port SFPs can be used to reach AE ONTs and Ethernet Service Access Nodes up to 60 km distant.

Calix 700 ONT: The E7 GE-24x card operates with the family of Calix 700GX and 700GE ONTs, including Single Family Unit (SFU), Small Business Unit (SBU), Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU), and rack-mount models.

Integrated High-Capacity Switch: The E7 GE-24 card is built on a core Layer 2/3 switch capable of full-duplex, line rate forwarding at all frame sizes and traffic types across all GE ports.

Scalable IPTV Support: The GE-24x supports IGMP Snooping for multicast video transport between the set-top box and multicast router, providing efficient, scalable, high-quality IPTV distribution on all Ethernet interfaces.