E7-20 Chassis

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E7-20 Chassis


The E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) is designed for this world of the device enabled subscriber, seamlessly delivering existing fiber technologies (GPON, point-to-point GE / Active Ethernet) and bridging the gap to the high capacity, next generation fiber deployments of tomorrow. The 2 Terabit backplane with 100 Gbps connection to each line card slot ensures enough headroom for next generation 10G PON technologies as well as 100GE uplinks and transport. This approach results in superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality - allowing service providers to focus on revenue generating, game changing service delivery opportunities.

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CHASSIS CAPACITY: The Calix E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) chassis supports up to 100Gbps bandwidth capacity from each of the 20 line card slots to each E7-20 centralized Switch Control Processor (SCP). This capability ensures the chassis is ready for the bandwidth needs of today’s GE and 2.5G PON services, tomorrow’s 10GE and 10G PON services, as well as access technologies of the future.

SUBSCRIBER CAPACITY: The E7-20 ESAP has 20 universal line card slots. Utilizing the available E7-20 GPON-8x card the chassis supports up to 5,120 GPON subscribers.
With the E7-20 GE-24x card the chassis supports 24 Point-to-Point Optical Ethernet (Active Ethernet) subscribers per slot – a capacity that will also increase in the future.

CARRIER GRADE CHASSIS: The E7-20 ESAP is a carrier grade chassis enabling full redundancy for both network and equipment connections. The heart of the E7-20 is the SCP, providing the common control, centralized switching capacity, and network uplink/transport connections for the system.

INTEGRATED FIBER MANAGEMENT: The E7-20 chassis design supports an optional fiber management system that mounts onto the top heat exhaust air ramp. With a fiber management comb per card, the E7-20 allows operators to easily install and remove additional cards without having to remove fibers from any card in operation. An optional fiber management guard easily snaps onto the front of the chassis to protect the fibers from being caught while service provider personnel move through the central office.

SYSTEM POWER: The E7-20’s has a sectionalized power management system that allows operators to independently cable and fuse the three sections of the chassis as cards and services are installed.

HIGH VALUE SERVICES: The E7-20 delivers scalable residential IPTV, high-speed internet (HSI), and vice services through Calix ONTs and other remote Ethernet access devices. In addition the E7-20 supports high value business class services allowing operators to use a common access network to deliver higher revenue generating opportunities.

INDUSTRY STANDARDS COMPLIANCE: The E7-20 meets all applicable industry compliance standards, including NEBS Level 3, UL and FCC.

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